Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting is the best way to offer the exterior and interior of your house an attractive and fresh appearance. However, if you want to get the most out of it, there are a couple of common problems and mistakes that you have to avoid. These mistakes can hinder the success of your painting project.

Before you hire professional house painters, here are several painting mistakes you have to avoid:

Not Purchasing Enough Paint for the Project

Perhaps one of your top concerns is saving as much money as you can on the project if you are getting ready to paint your house. Though this is understandable, it can also lead to one huge mistake – not purchasing enough paint.

While you might not want to have leftover paint after the project, you also have to ensure that you’ve got enough to finish the job. Measure all parts of your house that will be included in the project so that you’ll know exactly how much you require. Also, you’ve got to buy a bit of extra so you do not risk running out.

Failing to Clean

One mistake that can severely interfere with the painting project’s success is not cleaning the walls in the house before painting. The walls in almost every house contain some amount of pet hair, dust, and dirt. It can lead to unappealing ripples of the paint job if you paint over these materials.

Take the time to clean the walls before painting. This will ensure that your fresh paint coat will look its best. You can clean your walls with a bit of vinegar and warm water.

Skipping the Preparation Job

A house painting project can be extremely overwhelming. That is why it is vital to do some preparation work before you actually start the project. You can only make the project a lot harder if you fail to prepare. In addition to that, it might leave you with a huge mess on your hands.

You can utilize a drop cloth to cover your floors and furniture before you pick up your paintbrush. This will help prevent them from getting stained. Get rid of the covers for your light switches and electrical outlets. Finally, you should also use plastic to wrap doorknobs.

Choosing the Wrong Color

The biggest mistake that you can make during your house painting project is picking the wrong colors for your house. Keep in mind that the way a color swatch looks in the store does not always translate to how it will appear on the wall. This means you’ve got to give each paint color you are planning to use a test run before you really start painting.

Get a tiny sample of the paint you want and apply a bit of it in one area of your house. Trying out a paint sample will offer you a better concept of how your house might appear when the project is done. It can help you save money if you end up not loving the sample.